Make Your Favorite Drink Your Favorite Decoration

Shop for a custom whiskey rack in Westmoreland or Utica, NY

Trying to decorate your house in a unique fashion? You don't have to stop at hanging paintings and curtains. You can show off your drink collection with a custom whiskey rack or wine rack from WoodnWhiskey.

Our racks are hand-crafted with beautiful natural wood that will give your home an elegant look. Finishes are customized to your preferences, so you can create a look that matches your home. Discuss your custom rack options with us today.

When you shop with WoodnWhiskey, you aren't buying a pre-made design. Our racks are created with your needs in mind. You can...

  • Build a whiskey rack with an open design that displays your impeccable taste
  • Design a custom wine rack with enough room for a collection of different bottles
  • Create a rack with multiple shelves so you can display your glasses, too

We'll work with you to make sure every detail is how you want it. Email us today to get started.